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Literature Review

Mnemonology: Mnemonics for the 21st Century
Worthen, J. B., & Hunt, R. R.

This book discusses various mnemonic strategies, including the method of loci, and their applications in the 21st century.

The Art of Memory
Yates, F. A.

This classic book explores the method of loci as part of the broader art of memory.

Building a memory palace in minutes: Equivalent memory performance using virtual versus conventional environments with the Method of Loci
Legge, E. L. G., Madan, C. R., Ng, E. T., & Caplan, J. B.

This study compares the use of virtual and physical environments for the method of loci and finds equivalent memory performance.

Changes in brain activation associated with use of a memory strategy: a functional MRI study
Kondo, Y., Suzuki, M., Mugikura, S., Abe, N., Takahashi, S., Iijima, T., & Fujii, T.

This study uses fMRI to investigate the changes in brain activation associated with the use of the method of loci.

Some observations on memory artifice
Ross, J., & Lawrence, K. A.

This paper discusses the effectiveness of the method of loci and other memory artifices.